java socket timeout on Josm start up

I am often getting a java socket timeout on Josm start up and it results in the image preferences being lost. They do not return if I am then able to start normally without the error message.

Do I change the Jave_timeout and how and where do I do that?

Mac os x 10.11.6
Java 1.8.0_121
josm-macosx 11639
no proxy

The problem with the loose of the imagery preferences is already fixed in the latest version and will be part of the next stable version too.

Regarding the timeout, you could try to adjust the values of the keys socket.timeout.connect and in the advanced preferences.

Thanks for the imagery preferences fix.
I increased the socket.timeout.connect to 150 and to 300 recently for another reason (to upload a large changeset) but it didn’t seem to affect the Java_timeout problem, though the Java problem has begun since I changed those settings I think, so I will try setting them back to the default and see if it affects the problem.