Java Mobile Phone navigation system development - looking for testers

I guess the Benq S88 has a jar-size limit ? I’m investigating the possibilities for a file based version to get around this problem

Thanks for the explanation, I didn’t look at VGPS closely enough to see it needed money for their maps. My bad. Although VGPS isn’t active on the forum I do seem to remember seeing some things come by either through the mailinglists or wiki.

BTW I hope you don’t mind that I mirrored the Dutch release when your site went down because of publication on and At the moment it has clocked around 230 downloads from

Some operators disable file access profile that Java has, but many don’t so it will work. But if you need testing I can try to find out what the Exception is from a phone that lacks this… E.g. the operator “3” which I think is paneuropean.

After a long quest I found a way to have we-travel running on my alderly PDA with Windows PocketPC 2003:

You need a Java Virtual Machine on a PDA. The only one that works for now is phoneME (

I had to choose the version phoneME Feature - MIDP rev15383 → save cab-file to storage card → install

Then choose the app under /phoneme/midp/bin/arm/runmidlet → Install application → Menu → Storage → and then type in the path to wetravel.jar on the storage card (why is there no dialog to choose a jar-file ??)

Can anyone confirm this step-by-step way?

Pending tasks are connecting the GPS-Device to the Java VM, and importing the map for Germany.

Any further hints or questions? Greets, Stephan

This is a really good project. It’s very useful specially when travelling.

First I Appreciate for ur project, i am living in UAE (United Arab Emirates) and i got a uploaded map and atlas for uae, but unfortunately the quality of Maps is not good. i cant see most of the places and cant load map if i am zooming. Can u please generate for me, latest and quality maps and atlas (with maximum zoom level) for uae. if u will do that, it will very helpful for me, please…

i will wait ur reply

thank u

Hi all, bit of random late posting. Is there anyone still having the app and the offline maps? Thank you. :slight_smile: