Japanese map server


I’m one of the osm-carto developers and I’ve found that Japanese community uses its own tiles server using our style:


Is this our original style deployment or a fork with some differences applied? Where could I find the code for this fork, if that’s the case?

This is the repo of current JP style. https://github.com/osmfj/mapnik-stylesheets

It is forked from osm original style some years ago (before OSM-Carto age). So I guess this have less impact to current style development.

We are talking about next version of our map. So, I’ll mention here when it is published.

Great, thanks for the info! Your case is interesting for me, since only Japany and only z8+ uses old XML style, the rest looks like current osm-carto. :slight_smile:

I will be glad to hear about your future plans. I mean rendering local maps in general, not only about osm-carto forks.

Hello. I am new here, and unsure how/where to post this issue. After downloading tiles of northern Japan, I see on my Garmin etrex 20 that the list of POIs all appear in the Chinese roman alphabet, and NOT Japanese romaji! I think the translation method used takes the kanji characters and translates them into Chinese, rather than Japanese. I do hope someone will pay attention to this huge error and fix it. Unless there is something I need to do to my device to adapt it to Japanese. Still, the romaji ought NOT to be in Chinese. Thank you.

Hello, which tile server are you downloading from? Since neither the original OSM Carto nor the OSM Carto Japan perform any transliteration/translation to Japanese names in the map. You will need to either talk to the one that make those tiles for you or use another tile server that have take into account the Japanese romanization.