Japanese character of Reverse Geocoding output.

Hi, I used revese Geocoding of OpenStreetMap API.
I made my maps app for android last April.
App used revese Geocoding, and it’s returned adrress ware in normal Japanese characters.
But after 2023/8/10 or thereabout, returned character ware abnormal.
This phenomenon occurs in both Android Pixel and AndroidStudio in Windows.
Can someone please tell me the cause and solution for this probrem.

normal characterrs
D/buf: [clear sky, 栗木台四丁目, 麻生区, 川崎市, 神奈川県]

abnormal characterrs
D/buf: [broken clouds, æ —æœ¨å°å››ä¸ç›®, 麻生区, 川崎市, 神奈川県]

That’s like because the server does not explicitly send back the encoding with content type anymore. It is the default of the behaviour of the web framework(s) used. Their reasoning is (quite rightly) that the default encoding for JSON is UTF-8, so no need to state the obvious. Sadly, it seems to break a surprising number of applications. I’ll look into bringing the encoding back in the response.

It’s the problem encountered when decoding UTF-8 encoded text to Windows-1252. Re-encoding “Text 1” to Windows-1252 and decoding to UTF-8 results in correct results. The server sent the result to UTF-8, but the client seems to have decoded the text incorrectly.

By the way, there is no geocoding function in ‘OSM API’. Can you show me the source code that performs the geocoding function?

I don’t know what’s going on, so I’m not sure, but here’s my theory.
There is something called a character code, which is based on how you want to display a character.
In the old days, we used to use our own character codes, and now we commonly use something called Unicode.
My guess is that the character code isn’t specified properly, or it’s specified incorrectly.
Nowadays, that doesn’t happen very often because we mostly use Unicode, but it used to happen a lot.

This problem is solved today. (or a few days ago)
Reverse geocoding’s return characters are now normal Japanese characters.
Thanks everyone!!