Japan Maps Blank

I am new here and new to all of this so this could very well be my problem. I downloaded all of the maps for Japan, I figured I could help add new roads and take advantage of what is already there, but all the maps show up blank in MapSource. I am a little confused because the data seems to be there when you look at the size of the files…

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

This could be a Mapsource issue:
-Make sure you have selected the right map (view>Switch to product)
-The Basemap (empty in OSM maps) must not be enabled (Show GPS Mapdetail Ctrl G)
-Mapsource is maximum zoomed out, zoom in the area of your choice (Ctrl -)

Even though they didn’t show up in MapSource, I went ahead and put them on my GPS… they are all there and work perfect! I’ll keep messing with MapSource to see if I can figure out how to get them to show up right.

Thanks for the assistance!

Did you download the MapSource installable version? [EXE file runs (MapSource closed) and sets up registry]
Was MapSource running when you did the install? It should be closed.
Do you see the Japan maps listed in the map product window? If not it’s probably worth re-installing them.
Note that “open” in MapSource applies to user data (GPX or GDB files) not maps.
What OS are you using?