Issues with Nominatim and City Search

When I try to search for arcola avenue in silver spring, maryland there are no results. But there is an arcola avenue in wheaton-glenmont, maryland. The mailing address however is silver spring, md even though the road actually falls in wheaton glenmont. How would I fix such an issue?

Also, I mapped a condo complex where each condo has its own house number as a range (eg. 1001-1050) however searching for any number except the first and last returns no results. What is the best way to do a range of addresses that a building has and still allow the results to show it for any address in the range?


about the second issue, try the OSM wii about … see “using interpolations” there.

I might be mistaken, but if things work as I think they do, the road should be set “addr:city=Silver Spring” and "is_in:city=“Wheaton-Glenmont”.

The cities in question have to be considered by the map to be in the same county (a big issue with unlinked county nodes and county boundary relations) but I tweaked that county to make it link, and they are ‘in’ the same county now.