Issue with some Bicimad bike rental stations (Madrid, Spain)

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Bicimad is a public bike rental system of the city of Madrid. Many bike stations are correctly placed in the maps. However, some of them have been messed up. It looks as if at some time they were properly placed, since they contain information, but now they appear in a straight line, equally spaced.

In the following image, it can be seen that stations located in the centre and south of the city are well distributed around the map, while stations in the north form a straight line. The image has been taken from osmand, small points are also rental stations, and more appear when zooming in.

I tried to fix them one by one, but my computer is too slow to perform so many editions. Is there any way to check if the stations have ever been in the right place and, if possible, revert the change that moved them? I have been looking how to do it but I am new to OSM and I did not want to break anything.

On the other hand, in my opinion, the name of the node should be Bicimad, and the number of the station should be included somewhere else. However, many of them have the number of the station as name of the node, without saying that this is a bicimad station.

Thank you

On the main OSM site, can you link to one that is still in the wrong place?

I found the incorrect line of bicycle stations in Madrid. The south west end of the line is here and the north east end is here. You can see some of the lined up nodes with the bicycle icon on my links to the map.

One year ago the mapper has changed some attributes of the nodes and added some new ones and then accidentially pressed a key to put them all into a line with an equal distance of about 100 m.

A revert would put the stations, on which he changed some attributes back to their original position, but would remove the new ones. So a revert should only be done on the nodes with a version >= 2.


Yes, you are right, these two nodes that you linked are the two extremes of the line. These two points are properly placed, but the rest of points in the line are wrong.

I am trying to revert the changes that you suggest, but I think that it is not possible to do it using the iD editor. Could anyone try to do it?

Thanks again

I just have reverted those nodes with a different position and added/changed again the attributes of the stations as the last mapper did.

But there are 19 stations, which were in version 1 - they had no old position. They have to be moved manually to the right position - I dont’t know their right position.

The link to these 19 nodes starts with node
and ends with node
. You can modify the node ID in your browser line to see each of the 19 nodes between ID 3721623878 and 3721623896 to move them one by one to the right place. Some are also missing their ref=*.

The editor iD has no tool to revert changesets. I did it with JOSM.


Thanks a lot. I will fix those nodes in a couple of days, adding the ref too.

Thanks again.