Israel Streets in English and not in Hebrew characters

The website is back up with mostly up-to-date data, it is now being updated to the 26th, so it’s only a day behind.

For now I’ll run updates manually until I’ll be sure everything is fine and then I’ll set it up to update daily automatically.


I found a navigation system wich can display street names and citys in a chosen language, f.e. english:


Just change Settings, General, Map preferred language.

OSMAND is free, you can have 10 downloads and wiki poi is disabled.

You can download and convert your own maps.

There is also a payed version, then you can download free and have wiki poi.

I did not have a trip with it.

For long trips the calculation can be slow.

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So is there any easy way to export israel maps to PDF in English?


As far as I now not, but I am not experienced.

What is the purpose? Printing maps on paper so you can navigate with paper?
Which OS you want to print from?

I will look what I find.

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try this one
Unlike mapnik though, it doesn’t have internal capabilities to export PDF. You’ll have to manage through printing.


I know that it is possible with, but I do not kwow if this is available for Israel and in english for israel. Just to understand wath you need.

You can print a page and save it to pdf.

Hre two screenprints and a pdf file.

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Is there any easy option to use OTM in Enaligh at Athens q Jerusalem or other non English citys? and to download a PDF file of the map?

Wich operating system you use?

In Ubuntu it should be possible to print to PDF. So finding a map on screen and printing it could be a solution.

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And to do right to Windows: [ALT][PrintScreen]the required map and paste it in Libre Office and save it as PDF.

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Hi JanFlorijn
The problem is not downloading the map
I need the map of Athens or Jerusalem in English not in Hebrew or Greece…


There was a solution with Mobile Atlas Creator (MBAC) 1.8. Based on Google maps it was possible to download english maps.

Due to CopyRight problems this funtionality has been disabled in later versions.
Providing this version 1.8 to you should not be legal.

Viamichelin did not work, or does not exist for Jerusalem/Athene?

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When I go to and I move to Jerusalem I get english street names. Does this work for you to?


When you surf to and the street names of f.e. Jerusalem are not displayed in english it is advised to use a vpn:

Important notice: The given ip-adresseses change after a few weeks, so when it works check if the given IP-adress is active.

This is an project of a japanese university wich may not have commercial activitys.

The effect is choosing f.e. a ip from US that surfing the web you are seen as a US citysen. Surfing to will display english street names.

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Has there any progress been made with displaying english (or at least some latin characters) names to display maps from Israel?

The problem is: I contribute to wikivoyage, the open source travel guide, a sister project to wikipedia.
We changed the maps display completely to Open Street Map for licence reasons, on Wikimedia projects only open source resources should be used.

Now, all the maps, point of interests, etc. is displayed in plain hebrew - not too much iof a help for someone travelling to Israel who cannot read hebrew.
I think we could make an effort to add english language tags to the major town, but as they are not displayed in Mapnik or this cannot be set to display english language tags, it is not of any help.

Is there an approach to solve this. I’m afraid you might have problems the other way round: I can read some greek, so greek maps with greek language are more or less helpful, but for an Israeli travelling to a greek island, this might be also challenging…

Kind regards Martin

The suggestion I heard was to use the Germany site:
which shows Western characters (where existing) above the local language.

Thanks very much, indeed, it works with the german server, on the Swiss OSM, the map is only rendered with local language tags…
Meanwhile i have also found the way to switch the Israel Hiking Map to english language level - for non hebrew speakers, it’s not that much self explaining… - but I found the way and it works, great!

Now we hope, that for wikivoyage, we well have the possibility to have the Wikimedia or Mapnik maps we use as a standard to be switched to other language tags, at least now I know that they exist.
The links to earlier projects of a multilingual map are dead, we still do no not want officially to rely on Google maps in the open source travel guide (although most people will do anyway), but I hope that Wikimedia will arrive at that functionality one day (the Wp Mini Atlas is already multilingual but it’s loading terribly slow here.

Thanks for your support martin