israel road sine of the "Hevra le hagant hteva"

HI To all

  1. how can i add the road sine (3 color) of the “Hevra le hagant hteva” ?

  2. is it ok to give the road name the number of the road in color like it is in the paper maps? to the roads of “Hevra le hagant hteva”
    if yes how do i give the color to the name (number)?


See the wiki
and discussion here.


Because this is a lot to write, what you might do (in Potlatch 2, at least), is find an existing “colored” track. click it, then highlight your new track and hit “R” to copy the tags of the old one.

It works in Potlatch1 as well,
but it also copies the relation, so you should pay attention, and create a new relation.