Israel MTB map - change of look

I noiced the look of the Israel MTB map was changed.
What are the reasons for this?
On first look I find it hard to differetiate between the differant types of paths (walking path Vs bicycle path Vs path)


There were many request to change the appearance of the MTB map.
I don’t think this is the right place to talk about it though.
The most correct place to talk about it is at Github:
The second place to discuss about it is our Facebook group:
Feel free to raise your questions there.

Both the Hiking and Biking maps have had a recent style changes to improve readability. The changes were announced are discussed in the Israel Hiking and Biking Maps facebook group, with more than 900 members. As Harel wrote, this forum the least effective way to get involved in the Israel Hiking and MTB maps projects, especially as this forum does not accept new members.

Specifically, the changes in the MTB map were targeted to clarify the different path types. This is the new Israel MTB legend:

You might be right here though, and we should split the category “לא מוגדר” into “unclassified bike path” and “general path”. Could you raise it at the Facebook group zstadler linked for more people to discuss?