Island not mapped

On this location are several islands which aren’t shown on the map. Does anybody know how to fix this?

I can’t see anything in the map data that could be an island, but is not rendered in the standard view. Could you give the way number of an example, e.g. which is rendered.

The only objects I can see in the aerial imagery, which are surrounded by water, but not in the map, appear to be ships.

This is what I see on
Do you see the same?

Sorry, gave the wrong link, see here

It is rendered in the Humanitarian rendering.

Although it has been mistagged as a cultured lawn (looks like the main tag should be natural), I can’t see why it shouldn’t render as something other than water, at least on the basis of being an inner in the mutipolygon relation for the lake.

My guess is that the other renderers aren’t really processing the multipolygon, and don’t consider that landuse equates to dry land.

I suppose this island should be tagged as an inner part of the multipolygon water relation. It was edited few hours ago and the island is showing on default map (some time is needed for the change to be rendered):

It was tagged as inner just before I wrote my last response.