Island names missing possible Swedish name

Hello! kfremd from Microsoft here. Hopefully this is the right place to ask this. We have created some map notes for a couple of island names that we believe should be in Swedish, but we are not 100% sure of this. We are hoping that there is someone with more local knowledge (or resources) of these islands to have some better insight into the naming scheme and hopefully update the following three islands, if there is a necessary change:


If someone happens to know the names of these islands or would know of a dataset that happens to have the appropriate names to make these updates, that would be great! There are a couple others that we left map notes on as well, but we wanted to get some perspective on these three initially. Thank you for the time and for looking into these. Cheers!

Hi, I’m not from coastal Satakunta, but those islands are in municipalities with less than 1% speaking Swedish as their first language, so I doubt the Swedish names have been in active use for a long time. The current Finnish names are obviously based on Swedish ones, but I wouldn’t go adding the Swedish names to the map simply based on what the name could be. It’s probably best to just add the name(s) that are on MML maps, to be sure especially in projects like these. Also finding local knowledge about the names of small islands, especially online would probably be very difficult.

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None of those three places has a Swedish name in this service Geographic names (OGC API Features) | National Land Survey of Finland.

Service requires an API-key that can be acquired from here Instructions for using the API key | National Land Survey of Finland

A query for checking “Vootpöksyt” as an example.öksyt

That the Swedish name is not included in the database of the National Land Survey in an indication that such name is not in common use.

Thank you for the insight and links into this. We are not planning on making any updates to these names without any further confirmed proof of evidence. Based on everything at this current moment, it does not seem that there is enough evidence to make this happen. If there is anything else that comes up about this on our end, we will update and ask more questions. Also, if there is any further information on this topic that anyone else would like to provide, we would sincerely appreciate it. Thanks again for the assistance and cheers!