Island Disappeared

Hello –

There was an area for an island (Walton Island) and a second area for the park that was located on that island (Walton Island Park – which amounted to the entire island being enclosed twice).

Another user changed the island to a park so the park was listed twice. I believe I removed the island and gave the park area the tag “place = island”. At some point the whole island disappeared from the map but all the paths stayed visible. I thought this had to do with the inner/outer relationship being missing, but even after I added it back, the island has not reappeared on the map.

Would someone else please look into this and see what I am missing?

Here’s a link to the island/park in question:

Thank you

There are riverbank tags on both the surrounding way and a multipolygon. If you remove tags from the way ( all islands in the river will reappear.

Thank you Hjart – I see the islands coming back now as the tiles update! :slight_smile: