Is TTTBot alive?

Software comparision table from this page collects data from Software2 template by TTTBot. There is a message on bot page:

Is this means that bot doesn`t work and I need to manually updates my software information in the table?

Unfortunately, TTTBot has been dead for years. :frowning: I used to maintain it, but I have limited spare time and my other OSM-related projects have a higher priority for me.

And yes, that means that there is no mechanism for automatically updating software tables on the OSM wiki at the moment. It’s all back to manual edits. I’d be happy to see someone else take over and restore some kind of automation, but it doesn’t look likely.

(If someone wanted to build such a solution today, they might consider a MediaWiki plugin – such as the one that was recently installed for OSMCal, or the Taginfo-generated tables of keys and Tags – rather than a bot. That would avoid issues with my solution that made it somewhat fragile, such as people manually editing the table in a way that the bot couldn’t handle. Additionally, there would now be the option to get the input data from data items instead of parsing wiki pages. So in some ways, these kinds of automated updates might actually be easier to implement today than they used to be. But of course it still takes time.)

It’s a pity! I hope somebody will be able to revive it.