Is this train route correctly tagged?

I added the new passenger train route in Mexico: El Insurgente. This is the route_master: Relation: ‪El Insurgente‬ (‪16301411‬) | OpenStreetMap

Is this correctly tagged? It does not show on the ÖPNV and transport map.

The route relations (both, the individual routes and the master) need to have public_transport:version=2 in them to be detected by ÖPNVKarte. It’s certainly a bit confusing considering that it’s not mentioned on its respective Wiki page and only mentioned in a passing in the Public Transportation page on the Wiki.

By the way, JOSM also only sees a PT route as a PT route if the relation has this tag only. Otherwise, it spits out a warning if you leave this tag out. It also provides templates for public transportation routes which automatically adds the tag for you.

I changed the tags. Is it correct now?

It stills does not show in the transport map nor OPVN.

Yup, JOSM + PT_assistant plugin even offers in situations to convert PTv1 to PTv2.