Is this tactile paving?

Vast majority of tactile paving in my city looks like this. Easy to identity as common tactile paving.

How should I tag this, though?

I also feel this looks more like a surface treatment to aid grip, and not there to provide information.

The regional, or national authority, should publish clear guidance on use of Tactile Paving (GB example). I’d suggest looking for the guidance info and seeing if it is a type of tactile paving.

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this looks like anti-slip pattern, not tactile pattern - but maybe it also works as one?

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This gallery has an example of an anti-slip textured surface being tagged as tactile_paving=primitive. Someone using a cane would probably be able to detect it as a surface change for shorelining purposes but not necessarily intuit it as guarding an entrance to the intersection.


If you are in the USA, tactile paving should generally have at least a 70% color difference in order to be classified as such. While regional laws don’t necessarily define what tag to use, if this was installed on a public walkway in the USA, it was probably not installed with the intention to be used as tactile paving.

The USA guidelines for tactile paving can be found in the Revised Draft Guidelines for Accessible Public Rights-of-Way, section R304 Detectable Warning Surfaces


On their webpage, this is called a “detectable warning plate”, and marketed as tactile paving. Even if not, it acts as such. So: yes, I would tag this as tactile paving