Is there instruction for using OSM as the base for a site's member map?

Hi there!

On a few sites I run, I utilize Google maps API to overlay member pins which are placed on the site by the members. They select their location, it stores the pin data in the database(like lat/long/address/country/etc) then I use that data to notify them of nearby POIs, new members, etc.

Could I move this type of system over to OSM? I need to be able to both save the user’s position info on the site by using the OSM map for placing pin or entering address, then need to be able to dynamically overlay pins on the map by using my db’s member loc data when loading the OSM map.

Any insight or help on getting started would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!

Have a look at Leaflet.


Have a look at uMap.


And for addresses take a look at Nominatim

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