Is there any way to add my business on OpenStreetMap?

I want to add my businessDeskFlexs physical details on OpenStreetMap but not able to see any way to add it. Does OSM not allow to add a business address or I am not able to reach it?

Anyone can add their business or other data.

After you sign up on you are able to open up the iD-Editor and add your business yourself. I suggest completing the walkthrough in the beginning to familiarise yourself with the editor. Afterwards you will be able to add your business.

Otherwise for a more detailed guide you can also have a look at:

OSM basic policy is to only map what is visible on the terrain.

If your business is a fish-and-chips or a striptease bar or a nuclear power plant or a fuel station then it is most welcome to be added - but there’s every chance it is already there.

On the other hand: if you run your activity from an appartment or so, it will not be really visible except by looking at the doorbell labels, so it cannot be mapped. To my understanding, that is. Myself a free-lance IT’er, I could seek to map my business, but I never saw the need, nor the added value to our database.

We encourage you to learn OSM, but if you don’t have time you can also fill out a form to request a nearby mapper to add the information if you identify where it is located: