Is there any way to activate force premoderating anywhere?

hi, there is the question - is there any way to activate force premoderating on some place, for example, someone broke roads data in this city, he did it for long period of time, as we know osm has no moderation as default, but premoderation may be activated from user. If it will be possible to set force premoderation for city, than data vandalism can’t be accepted at all

Moderation is hard to implement, as it would require all subsequent changes in a certain area to be queued as well.
Right now it’s up to the local community to carefully watch changes, e.g. via OsmCha, Osmose, etc.

yes i agree that this is hard for implement, but one man destroy this city every week and this situation didn’t change coz he always can create new accaunt and did it again(as he did it now), how to stop this?

The problem is that you cannot delay applying changes. Otherwise conflicts in data may arise (due to other changes in the meantime), which moderators would have to resolve. If you didn’t resolve a few conflicts by yourself, you won’t know how awful they can be to resolve.

What works e.g. on Wikipedia (because articles are loosely coupled) doesn’t work for OSM.

I recommend that you contact the Data Working Group. In situations like this, they can help you.

Also, in my experience, if you have a small dedicated team it isn’t too hard to revert vandalism in an area faster than the vandals can create it. I’ve been dealing with a few vandals myself and they typically stop pretty quick

I tend to watch an instance of daily. This is a great tool for spotting vandalism as well common mistakes in a city/ small country size area and a few times I have actually reverted vandalism 5-10 minutes after it happened. Most vandals will get bored quickly after that.

This man every weekends erase half of city and change some another road data… yes it easy if it couple ways/nodes, but not when it half of all city roads even if city not so big, on this weekends he delete/modified almoust 400 ways, same time destroy many relations and nobody can do anything with this coz no moderation and free easy register form :confused:

+1 to that. See the “I’ve seen a problem; what should I do?” section of for more information. As it says there, the more information that you can provide about the problem, the better.

  • Andy (from the DWG)

cmon DWG didn’t work! 1) changes revert after 16 hours of waiting 2) that’s not a problem solving, it’s not a community member mistake, it’s targeted vandalism that nobody can somehow prevent now

You are aware that you can revert changes yourself? You don’t have to wait for the DWG to do it.

Reverting a changeset deleting 400 ways takes a bit longer but is as easy as reverting one deleting 4.