Is there any tool to detect sequence of house numbers?

I would like to ask, is there any tool for detecting house numbers that do not go up in the street, that is, they do not go sequentially and the house numbers rise and fall in different ways, so there is no continuity and the overview and orientation are lost? Thank you.

Any such tool that calculates this geographically would struggle with the house numbers in apartment buildings or parallel rows of houses, see for example this area: OpenStreetMap

Tbf I don’t think this is feasible.

I’m not aware of anything offhand, but there are a lot of OSM tools out there. I’m not completely clear on what you’re trying to find out, though. If you were to somehow locate places in OSM that didn’t match the usual house numbering conventions of the area (assuming you could even look up what those usual conventions are per region), I don’t know if it’s more likely that the OSM data is incomplete (or wrong) vs. it being a place that just isn’t following the local norms.

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