Is there any tool available for batch labeling?

I am a scholar engaged in satellite map research and economic and financial research. I currently have a set of latitude and longitude coordinates for subsidiaries of listed companies. Due to the large amount of data, it is relatively slow to label them on the map alone. Is there any tool available for batch labeling? thank you!
Pan Jingchen
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

How much exactly, because depending on the data you can use frontend batching to improve rendering. But if it’s a lot you’re going to need to fetch the data in pieces to limit the amount you send to the browser.

But could you give us some more information on your tech stack and the amount of data?

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I think that uMap can help. The tool allows to import data in several formats and to control how it is shown.


Thanks, I will try this tool. Best Wishs!

I am a scholar engaged in satellite big data and financial research. Due to research needs, I have compiled the geographic longitude and latitude of many subsidiaries, factories, and offices of listed companies. I found that there is no information on these electronic fences in OSM. If I use the annotation tools provided by OSM, I can only draw electronic fences one by one in the map, but I have thousands of pieces of data in my hands, which are distributed across different continents in the United States, If batch processing is possible, it would be best. But I haven’t found batch processing functionality on both the web and OSM provided software. Where can I upload thousands of data to OSM’s map at once?
Best wishs for u!

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You can’t.

If you would like to import data into OpenStreetMap, you’ll need to follow the process described here and here.

When going through that, you’ll need to ensure that the licence of all of the data that you have obtained is compatible with OpenStreetMap, and you’ll also need to conflate your data with what is already in OSM.

Perhaps if you could give an example of some data that you would like to have (and the licence under which you obtained it) people would be able to give more specific advice.


Importing data in OSM is subject to a community guideline which I suggest to read before getting to the technical upload part.

To begin you should understand if your data has a license which is compatible with OSM.