Is there any sensible reason to tag every road route section with same wikidata/wikipedia tags? [ANSWERED]

Since I’m working through a large number of turn:lanes mistakes on the Italian A14 (2000 members), A24 and A25 (500 members), it’s noticeable that some add the wikidata and wikipedia tags on every road section and link they touch when these are already included as tags in the road route relation. To me be gone but on the relation.

Question is: What is the ‘officious’ position on this repetition?
(just picture the wikidata or wikipedia link changes on these large member count roads.)

The attributes of a route belong to the relation and not to the road segments imho.

This alone woud be reason enough to confirm my position :wink:.


If there’s already a route relation, then the wiki tags should go there instead of on the individual member roadways. This probably applies to the autostrade you’re looking at. The same principle applies to railways, waterways, etc.

Tangentially, there’s some debate as to whether individual streets should have relations for the purpose of linking to Wikidata. If not, then the wiki tags would go on each roadway:

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If there is route relation then I would put it on route relation.

Though I am not fan of idea of creating road relation for each road, in addition to route relations.


Thanks for the input, the tags are ‘been gone’ from the asphalt pieces where it was encountered (no mech search), once is enough on the route relations (of any kind).