Is there a USA community or not

A number of posts can be found which seemingly suggest the existence of a USA community but I can find no such category, nor any way to raise that question in communities…


It seems to be a bit confusing. The area (what you get if you click “communities”) seems to be a hodge-podge of country groups, regional ones and random threads. Are the things at the top (e.g. “Bangladesh”) different to the ones below (e.g. “Mexico”)? If so, what is the difference? Perhaps something on the page should say what.

This is a good point. The things on the top (i.e. subcategories for each community) are what we want. We should probably not have threads directly in the “Communities” category, that has confused people in other communities as well.

And to answer the original question: No, there is no dedicated space for an USA community on this site yet (only a single thread where a few US mappers experimented with the new platform when it was launched). We would love to host such a space, though!


In practical terms, as it seems most of us are waiting for the forum (and help?) content to be imported, how is this proceeding/intended, maybe we should just create community spaces here and move, or is the import something that will happen soon?

The import continues to be blocked and a proposal for moving forward is being developed and will be shared for discussion soon.

In the meantime, the recommendation is to start requesting community categories here since the forum is fully funcional and ready for it.


The #communities:us category has now been created