Is there a "To Do" list anywhere?

Hi all-

I found a road in Illinois (Oakridge Dr - that appears to have been imported from tiger that does not match up with the satellite imagery at all.

I’m planning on going there to check it out and correct it if necessary, but this got me thinking about having a “to do” list. I’ve been keeping a list for myself of things to verify/add/change as I see them day-to-day (e.g. a road near me just went one way, so I added a todo to remind myself to update it in OSM). Is there a site or some place that has a list of things that people notice on OSM that should be fixed/checked/etc.? It might go a long way to getting the quirks out of the various places that haven’t gotten much attention.

Just wondering,


You could try

Hey, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Perfect!