Is there a reason why leisure=hackerspace does not render on OSM-Carto?

For example, here is a hackerspace - Node: ‪The MILL‬ (‪6437270426‬) | OpenStreetMap

I found this pull request, but it looks like it didn’t get any traction. They do render in OSMAnd. It seems like there is a suggestion to add another tag in conjunction.

It was also mentioned that the features are frequently also tagged with more common tags like amenity=social_centre, amenity=community_centre and office=coworking.

We currently render amenity=community_centre with a special icon, and all values of office (including coworking) with a dot and text label.

I would be open to considering amenity=social_centre for rendering, if we can clarify when it is needed instead of the more common tag amenity=community_centre.


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The reasoning is pretty clear via the links you sent, it seems no matter what we do a hackerspace will not get a unique icon in Carto. (Which is fine, a rasterized graphical map can’t be everything to everybody.)

I’m wondering if a primary tagging of community center would help it appear under the right “category” if you will for search and display. It would also help broaden up the subtypes of community centers since for example many makerspaces don’t want to use the term hackerspace but don’t have much of a choice due to OSM’s momentum-based consensus. Since there are so few examples, I wonder if it would be easy for us hackerspace enthusiasts to establish a new better precedent, one that at least doesn’t show depressing purple dots to represent our life’s work.

For what it’s worth ther is a Mapcomplete theme for hackerspaces.

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