Is there a method for Bulk upload OSM location data

Is there a method for bulk upload OSM location data without marking individual locations on maps.

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Can you specify what you are trying to accomplish?

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Thanks for the quick response.
We have setup a separate tile server and separate nominatim server using osm data and those are continuously sync with osm.
Now we need to add the location data as bulk to osm and then sync the changes to our tile server and nominatim server.

We are providing GPS based tracking solution and we are using OSM map in our solution. We have already set up a local nomination, photon, and tile server to sync with OSM.

We noticed that there are some places missing on the OSM map compared to Google.

We are adding the missing location to OSM one by one since we need to address customer requirements. Hence we can contribute to improving the OSM.

We need your support/guidance to add location as a bulk.

Just to clarify: are you using Google maps as source information to add information on OSM, in case something in OSM is missing compared to Google maps?

As alesarrett stated: Only use sources with compatible licence to contribute to OSM (see Google’s licence for maps / aerial images is not compatible with OSM('s licence)! The best source is “self made” (images, GPS-Trace, survey).

Amazon currently contributes to OSM by collecting error- / correction-information from their drivers and add them to OSM ( Search the forum to find out how the community thinks about this…