Is there a free program for my computer with which I can create

routes for my GPS divice using OSM-files? At the moment I am using TTQV and I am not really satisfied with it.

Thanks beforehands.


mkgmap, check out the wiki

there it says the following:

“This program converts OpenStreetMap data into a map that can be loaded onto a Garmin GPS device.”

But I want to create routes with my computer and NOT with my GPS device!

What now?

There are ways of installing Garmin’s Mapsource. This can create routing instructions for you. Google is your friend.

True, MapSource will generate routes, but most Garmin GPSrs don’t take directions very well from MapSource. I believe they re-calculate the route from waypoint to waypoint using their internal map. So, while MapSource is handy for trip planning, it may not be much help generating a detailed route for a day’s cycling.

You’re right - I wasn’t sure whether the OP wanted instructions purely on his computer, or also on his GPS.

Not sure where you are looking for:

Mapsource has 2 options to make tracks: with way points which follows the roads and real gpx which can go everywhere and you have to follow the road yourself. The latter creates a track which is independent of the map.

You can also use a route planner based on OSM: this does not always work good when the route is too long and if the map has inconsistencies (my last try from The NetherLands to Italy led me via Antarctica :frowning: )

And last but not least you can use uploaded traces by using:, where xxxx is a tag which related to the location you are looking for. Helps only if the same has been traced before and is therefore not reliable.

Bike route toaster has an osm routing option: