is there a choice of different languages for a given locale?

Hi, sorry, I’m new to OSM, maybe there’s a really obvious answer to this that I’m missing, but I’ve been looking at a map of Israel, Palestinian territories and Jordan and all place names are in Hebrew script for Israel and Arabic for the rest. I agree with the principle of showing the local language but that doesn’t help me since I can read neither language. Thanks!

OSM is mainly a GIS database and there are multiple maps rendered with different styles and language options. Maybe this one would be good for you:

Also in the main website
you can choose layers on the right panel with additional occidental language, where you can see a map like:

Looks like to prevent further abuse I need to point out that this tileserver is not interrnened to be used by third parties without my explicit permission to do so.




for anyone looking for different language options for name displays on the tiles, I’m working on the osMap project where you get rendered raster tiles with different language labels displayed.

So far there are versions for seven European languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Danish. Those versions are optimized for fast delivery in Europe. There is also for faster tile delivery in North America and for faster tile delivery across some Asean regions (both with name labels in English).

Right now, it’s a map only project, but search (geocoding) and more should be added in the next months.

If you do see some language mistakes (grammar and spelling) in the website texts, please get in touch. For any missing or wrong name tags displayed on those maps in one of the language versions, it’s best to work on the name:[language] tags for any nodes or relations.

As always, a project like these is built on the shoulder of giants, in this case (all wonderful work by the openstreetmap community aside) especially those works of @giggls for his transcription efforts.



Nice :slight_smile: