Is there a better mapping app than OSMAnd and other issues.

I’ve had several problems with it.

If it isn’t aware of the type I enter it won’t let me save. This is a problem when the types of shop I’m entering aren’t recognized like private shipping and mailbox centers (UPS), janitorial supplies, stripper stores (theatrical supplies would do but that doesn’t exist either,), wigs (fashion and theatrical), and head shops. Yes, I live in a strange intersection of neighborhoods.

How do I propose map features for the canonical list?

POIs are saved in different positions than where I placed them.

Your specific issue, if I understood well, can be solved using the Advanced instead of the Basic tab:
Anyway, OSMAnd is a great app for many things, but it is not ideal for directly editing OSM. You can only add or modify tags on node-POIs (not ways) nor change the geometry.
I’d suggest you to test Vespucci (on Android, or Go Map!! (on iOS,

If you are happy with editing basic things at home and just add informatin on the go, i would suggest add basic things with JOSM and use OSMAnd just afterwards. Or, for advanced editing vespucci, like alesarrett mentioned. For adding information the app StreetComplete is also noteworthy.