Is the Open Definition 2.1 license proper for import?

Hello everyone,

I plan to make an import of public transport GTFS data. I follow the import guidelines article and I stuck on license part:

The GTFS data shared by provider in my city are on Open Definition 2.1 license and openstreetmap requires Open Data.

These licences looks similar. Are these licences compatible?


Could you please link the text of the license? Without a knowledge of the terms, no serious answer can be given.

Please mind that imports require a discussion on the Imports mailing list. You can always ask questions there in advance before you initiate the formal discussion.

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Sure, here is the license:

I’m prepared for that. Right after I get a green light with the license, I’ll publish the description of my plans on a mailing lists.

The Open Definition is not a licence.

The “Open Definition” is a set of criteria that can be used to identify whether a particular work or license is “open”, but it is not in itself a license.

If there’s indeed no proper license associated with the dataset, the OD by itself is not enough for an import to be legal, unfortunately.

I’ve sent the email to transportation company on Friday.
As soon I get the answer I’ll publish it here.

I’m sorry for the delay.
I finally got the answer from the transportation company. It wasn’t so simple and obvious.
I was informed that the license they are using is:

ODbl - Open Database License with preserving copyrights.

Is this information sufficient to make the import without any legal issues?

Hi, not sure what the “with preserving copyrights” means in this case.

In general, importing ODbL data is possible (although not ideal, e.g. this license compatibility table).

I’m happy to hear that.

problematic in case of future license change if incompatible new license is chosen

I hope they will not change the license in the future.

Thanks for your help :).

You misunderstood that: the issue is that it makes it hard, if not near impossible, for OSM to change or adapt its licence. But on the other hand that ship has likely long sailed.

So, there is nothing to worry about?

It’s probably fine, yeah.