Is slippy map my answer for my project?

Hello everyone, I am currently in college for software engineering degree (ive done on and off programming for a few years) I am wanting to build up my github portfolio, and work on a community project.

Right now my project is building a telegram bot to maintain pokemon go nest map for local players, to help admins out(they use telegram to coordinate raids and what not)

So main goal is to host OSM on my own site, I am already achieving this with google maps, but want to make this more open source, and niantic used OSM for their game, so why not?

I want to add custom markers and edits on OSM, but I dont want to edit main OSM on their website, is this slippy map’s purpose, or what will I need to achieve this?

Is it possible to find a tile pack I can use to keep request to main OSM server down so I dont get blocked?

I hope my questions do not cause confusion, and thanks in advance!

TL;DR wanna host my own map on my website with custom markers without editing main map on OSM.

Hi and welcome to OSM and the forum

Please do not add “privat” information to OSM database. Especially PokemonGo-Players have a bad reputation here as they added fake features like non existing footways or parks to OSM to “attract” more Pokemon in their area.

Maybe is a good start about how to add maps and other features to your site.

Something like Leaflet - will allow you to display different map layers and things (not from OSM) on top of those map layers. Have a look at the tutorials there - I’m sure that there is something there that will work for you.

Its funny after i made this thread, I came across leaflet, and since I am wanting to do this in python, I found folium.

Ill definitely look into these. Is there anything from osm I need to download to work with leaflet or no?

No - it’ll “just work” with tile services in the same format as OSM’s; you just need to define which tile sources you want to use. For example, the definition at corresponds to the map that you can see at .