Is road 2 a motorway (blue sign) or a trunk (red sign)?

Hi folks,

yrtimiD has changed the whole road 2 south of Haifa and north of Tel Aviv to a trunk as the signs to the road where red. (
And I could understand that parts of road 2 are not motorway (maybe till Herzeliya) but from there north it should be a real motorway (blue).
But this time it is not very easy as the signs are saying different things in Tel Aviv and Haifa. Very strange…

Here some examples from Google Streetview from Haifa showing two signs, one in red and the other in blue.
This is simply unbelievable and confuses me. The right sign seems never than the left one, but still it leaves a question of definition,34.968442&spn=0.001732,0.008256&t=m&z=18&layer=c&cbll=32.788979,34.968444&panoid=MeedICCQu05Eold-pwomfA&cbp=11,354.43,1,-3.57

Here is another sign on the same road where they used a red sign.,34.967701&spn=0.001732,0.008256&t=m&layer=c&cbll=32.789703,34.967704&panoid=G3QaZ_bCb93of2FnijzdwQ&cbp=11,339.07,1,-1.52&z=18

And here is a sign in blue again for the road 2.,34.967197&spn=0.001732,0.008256&t=m&layer=c&cbll=32.793066,34.967198&panoid=139NNzs6XBo8vDEMGDJ6Pg&cbp=11,208.99,1,-6.18&z=18,34.96717&spn=0.001732,0.008256&t=m&layer=c&cbll=32.793564,34.967169&panoid=exFL9X58fhhYPFyhz46NSw&cbp=11,219.18,0,-8.13&z=18,34.967321&spn=0.001732,0.008256&t=m&layer=c&cbll=32.79247,34.967321&panoid=xjOZQz3PgADpoUchMYjCAQ&cbp=11,335.22,2,-0.95&z=18

Here is another example of a strange difference at the same junction from two different directions:
Blue sign around road 2 and 5.,34.793379&spn=0.006978,0.033023&t=m&layer=c&cbll=32.122807,34.793387&panoid=R8S_0msOC0hUldAtUvxcDg&cbp=11,59.96,1,-3.73&z=16
Red sign around road 2 and 5.,34.795525&spn=0.006978,0.033023&t=m&layer=c&cbll=32.122593,34.795523&panoid=IgmbuudRY3Bg8pi48nu4Xw&cbp=11,238.1,1,-4.47&z=16

The question is, are the sign designers drunken or do we misunderstand something?
They do refer to the same area with two different signs at the same junction.

I think the sign designers are drunk. Or maybe a road was rebuilt and/or reclassified, and new and old signs are visible.

If the signs are ambiguous, we can use our judgment. If it is a new/old issue, then presumably the new (freeway) is more accurate now.

I will check this issue in the next month.
I will drive around a lot and keep my eyse open. I just cant belive highway 2 nortb of netanya is not officially a freeway.

Nice findings :slight_smile: I drove the whole 2 and never saw blue signs, and hence - changed road definition. There is a possibility that road was “upgraded” to “blue”, but not all signs was changed. I don’t think downgrade is possible, only upgrade, so, if we see a lot of blue signs - I’ll vote for freeway.

The whole route 2 north of tel aviv and south of haifa has also red signs beside the road saying “road 2 south” or “road 2 north”.
There is no indication of a freeway when driving on the road 2. BUT there are all over signes in the city guiding to a blue road 2 sign highway. Very strange.
Seems like the people in the citys also thing it is a highway… very strange…