Is OSM usable yet?


Normally on a forum I would search for the answer first but, you know, I can’t be bothered.

How do I add a feature? (Specifically, I want to add a bar in Paris.) It’s not obvious how, and I’ve been hunting a bit through OSM documentation but got nowhere.

Thing is, this happened last time I tried to edit OSM in about 2008. I got absolutely nowhere because of the awful interface and awful documentation. Has anything improved, or shall I just give up now?

I’ve found so many errors (mostly just things out of date) over the years since then that I’ve wanted to fix, but didn’t want the hassle.

I was thinking of helping, but, you know, I can’t be bothered. I’ll slept on it tonight and see if it’s worth the hassle tomorrow. :slight_smile:

did you look at ? saw the big “edit” button ? maybe you can start there ?

BTW, since 2008 a new editor iD was introduced, it’s targeted towards novices like you

That’s the spirit! :slight_smile:

Yes, I’d seen and tried the edit button, but it wasn’t obvious what to do next. I’d been expecting something like an ‘Add feature’ button or similar, but no, couldn’t see what too click on and was wary about pressing random buttons etc.

Yes, it does seem to look different (I’m using Potlatch 2).

Anyway, I seem to have hit upon the right mysterious buttons and links and added the bar I was trying to add (and where I’m sitting right now, as it happens). Can someone review my edits and let me know what I should have done differently? Be cruel.

I thought iD came with some kind of build in tutorial (see I think you’re better of using iD, as Potlatch is no longer maintained. I’ve also hear iD is much more user friendly than Potlatch

When you post a link to the area you’re working on people can review your work. Maybe it’s better to ask that in the French forum or mailing list (you said you wanted to edit in Paris, not?), as there might be some “French conventions” that I’m not aware of.

also found on the help forum with some other links that should get you started.

Yes, actually I think I must have been using iD as Potlatch requires Flash which I don’t have on my iPad.

Yes, sorry, my edits are at’Phile/history#map=19/48.88374/2.33682&layers=N
Unfrtunately I don’t really speak French so I might have difficulty engaging on the French forum, but I’ll try to work out how French editors go about things.


I looked at your changesets. In general it is a good addition. You added some stuff in a note that you can add (partially) in tags as well

For wifi, you could use internet_access=wlan (see
expand the “all tags” sections, press the “+” and fill in internet_access in the left column, wlan in the right

You also mention in your note that there is normally no food, so you could add food=no. You can keep the note, as it has more information than we can cover with the tags (the pizza connection)

For opening hours, I usually add the weekdays as well (I’m not sure whether it is required) so I use Mo-Su 16:00-02:00
Hope this helps,

Thanks for your for addition to OSM !