Is Niseko Ski mountain really missing a polygon of landuse=winter_sports?

I am new to OSM. I wish to contribute more. I am unsure if my observation is correct or no. Niseko (ski resort) is one of Japan’s largest resorts. Most ski mountains in Japan use, landuse=winter_sports and is a polygon. I see that Niseko does not. Is that really correct? Wanted to make sure this is correct before I add one OpenStreetMap

There is often no clear “right” and “wrong” in OSM, but I would generally question the use of “landuse” to tag winter sport resorts. It might be seen as a suitable tag for more specific areas like permanent infrastructure for winter sports, but not for huge areas encompassing entire mountains with typically all kind of natural features and different use in the summer.
In general, landuse is a property for the use of land, it is not suitable to map “countable” features like a winter sport resort.

Another consideration: we use different tags for e.g. a beach resort, Tag:leisure=beach_resort - OpenStreetMap Wiki

The documentation for the landuse tag is here: Tag:landuse=winter_sports - OpenStreetMap Wiki
It has other questionable suggestions (both, landuse=recreation_ground and leisure=sports_centre seem worse for an area in the mountains where people are skiing when there is snow).
IMHO the current tagging is the result of noone having cared to develop a sensible tagging scheme and just reusing tags that have already been established, although only closely related, but it is not too late to develop something proper.

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While @dieterdreist is right (or not wrong? :thinking:) , that’s 2345 polygons, mostly ski resorts, tagged with landuse=winter_sport.
So I’d say yes, you can do like others and add this polygon.

There’s also this solution, a bit more complicated : Tag:site=piste - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Yves - opensnowmap

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Ah, found it, it’s already there as a multipolygon

Thanks for all the input. Yes, landuse=winter_sport is widely used so will stick with that.

@yvecai, thank you for finding that. How were you able to find that. Normally, I would click on a chairlift and it would show me associated way. This mountain doesn’t. I noticed that it is a multi-polygon consisting of two members, namely, * Way 598291119 as outer

  • Way 1108854578 as outer. They are both outer ways. Is this correct? I cannot see the reason to split this polygon the way it was done. Would it make sense to join the two ways to make 1 polygon. Sorry, still a beginner her. Happy I asked this question, and for the replies, before editing anything though!

I found it because it has a label on, so there was either a landuse=winter_sport or a site=piste relation.

One of the 2 ways of the MP is also a barrier=rope, that’s why.

@yvecai I am able to locate those ways because you have listed them but I honestly cannot find them any other way. How would I search the openstreetmap and to find those two ways.

You can look for them when loading the area in an editor, like Id or JOSM.

Ah, I made a typo before, corrected now: the resort has a label on