Is it possible to show more more than 20 results at a time when searching a user's history?

I would like to review some edits I made several hundred changesets ago, but the only way I know how to search back that far is to view my user history (via the “My Edits” link on my profile) scroll to the bottom of the list, select “load more” and repeat. However, this is very tedious for anything more than maybe one hundred edits back. Is there a way to load 100, 250, or 500 edits at a time like on Wikipedia history pages?

I found an answer to another question that, while not offering the solution I am seeking, seems to suggest it may be possible by adding parameters to a URL.

You can try my userscript, which allows you to download 300 changesets at a time and apply simple filters to them


GitHub - deevroman/better-osm-org: A userscript that adds several useful features to β