Is it possible to search the forum?


I’m new to OSM. Before I post my noob questions here, is there a way to search the forum first?

Also how is this forum different to the ‘Help’ forum here

Which should I be using?



You can try to click on the blue “search” button :wink:

Or use on Google

This depends on your question and personal preferences. The ‘Help’ forum is ideal for questions that can be resolved with a single, objectively correct answer. A question like “What’s the keyboard shortcut for changing the direction of a one-way road in iD?” would be perfect for it.

It’s not really suitable for discussions, open-ended questions, or things that aren’t questions at all (e.g. announcements, proposals, event planning), so that kind of content is more at home in this forum.

I didn’t realize there were two forums! Shouldn’t the two be merged together? Not easy to understand which one to use?

Thanks for all replies - that’s my query sorted I think.

Thanks to @Sandal man especially for patience with my blindness!