Is it possible to fetch OSM tiles in ESPG:4326 format?

Or is there any other map service that can do this? The format that openlayers defaults to would be perfect but I need a map that has road names and a better looking one. Ideally I’d like to use a service like cloudmade where you can customise your maps but their tiles use the spherical mercator.

OSM itself does not offer tiles in any projection other than spherical Mercator. However, you should be able to use Mapnik (or another renderer) to produce tiles from OSM data in any projection you like.

Thanks for the reply Richard. I was looking at solutions like Mapnik and Tilemill but im just concerned about the whole hosting side of things. As I need tiles for the whole world at every zoom level. Do you know of free hosting solutions for map tiles? Or maybe a decent looking tiles that include roads from a WMS server that offers ESPG:4326 projection?