Is it possible to determine if a coordinate is inside a bounding box?

From an Overpass API query that produces the bounding box coordinates for a building, is it possible to calculate or query if a lat/lon coordinate is inside the confines of that bounding box?


First I need to get the polygon for the bounding box - then determine if a coordinate is inside or outside.

My query for getting the building and its polygon coordinates is

	node["building"](around:30.0, 43.706739, -79.347611);
	way["building"](around:30.0, 43.706739, -79.347611);
	relation["building"](around:30.0, 43.706739, -79.347611);
	out body;
	out skel qt;

Then I found a method to plot a polygon from coordinates and check if a point lies within it from this post

However after I got my polygon coordinates for a building from the overpass query, the bounding box is all wrong when I plot it using shapely library as you can see from my plot

How does the overpass web interface get the perfect bounding box polygon for buildings?
Is there a way to do the same using a library like shapely?