Is it possible to change/modify our username for the OSM forum?

Hi, I just want to modify and update my OSM username. Is this possible?

I only found the followigh hints:

… but no more information about name change at

I guess you have to start a new account; the issue is that older OSM edits are linked to your account and I guess that link cannot be changed.

I think you can change the name, because the forum seems to use numerical ids internally, for example:

That won’t work that way. Once you change your username on, the numeric user id remains the same on However, when you log on with your new user name on forum osm, this will essentially create a new user (+ user id) on the forum.

Matching user names on the forum is solely done via the user name, and this user name (+password) is used for authentication against The forum’s internal numerical id is really irrelevant here. It also differs from your numerical id on

Bottom line: links between forum and users are only based on user name. Any change here will break those links.