Is it allowed to add a link to a non-ODbL compliant picture to an OSM object?

Does wikimedia_commons= have a significant advantage over image here=, in that it can point to a category? So another mapper with a more recent photo could point to a category including both your and their images. With image= they would have to decide if their image is “better” than yours, or if the location has changed enough to justify replacing your photo, or if a winter image is more useful than a summer image, or…

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Yes, I’d say that’s an advantage, for things that are photographed enough to warrant a category. The existence of a category on Commons automatically qualifies the thing for an item on Wikidata, which can link to Commons and feature the most representative photo within the category. Some applications like OsmAnd already know how to discover photos via Wikidata. So ultimately wikimedia_commons=Category:* is merely a placeholder for a future wikidata=* tag, but a pretty useful placeholder for someone who doesn’t have the time to create a bunch of items.

Recently there was an extensive discussion about the relationship between image and wikimedia_commons that touched on some of the points made here:

I don’t see how this contradicts @pnorman . I might choose entirely different images in identical locations.

If photos are accurately geolocated and hosted on a site where that can be queried easily there is no need to add that information to OSM (see how does this). It also avoids the issue of ensuring an image tag is updated if something like a bothy is destroyed or taken out of use. If I walked the Cape Wrath ‘trail’ when rivers and streams are in spate then I may want good photos to choose a good place to ford them, but these places change, the underlying imagery where the river crosses the end of Sandwood Bay is quite different from what is mapped.

But adding a wikidata or wikimedia_commons category is surely of use?

or wikipedia tag.

as long it matches and it is not linking ceb botopedia or Wikidata entry generated for ceb article - yes.

( Cebuano Wikipedia - Wikipedia - basically entirely bot generated, wild duplication between their wikidata entries and of human-edited Wikipedias)