"is_in: Syria" ruins in th Golan

I noticd a number of ruins in the Golan with the attribute “is_in: Syria”. Regardless of politics, I suspect it should not be used, as the geographical location is clearly marked.


It seems that this property was added in the following edit:

I also miss Hebrew names for most of them. I suppose some were vilages. At least one was a “mazraa”, that is, a small isolated farm.

A short follow-up:
http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/changeset/13695252 merges three of those nodes with existing “ruins” areas. I’m not sure what the “name” property should have.

I suspect some of those added “Syrian” nodes are misplaced.

Asked this on IRC and the answer was: the is_in tag is deprecated in favor of boundaries.

So maybe I’ll just leave it be. Anybody up to marking the borders of Israel? Shouldn’t be a problem :frowning: .

We have a boundary for Israel that is very accurate:


Do you mean something else?