Is Facebook back?

This mapping by adrianlo looks very much like the mapping Facebook did earlier.


Area in Thailand:

I just stumbled upon this, I have not done any proper research yet.


Hi Johnny - thanks for the discovery!

As ever in the first instance I’d try and contact the mapper concerned via changeset discussion comment and ask them what on earth happened to create .

If you don’t get any replies you could maybe try one of the known Facebook contacts (SK86 ) has introduced themselves in this forum previously and is another Facebook contact who’s commented in . If neither of those work you can always contact the DWG via .

Of course, when eventually this all needs reverting you may want us to help with that too.

Best Regards,
Andy Townsend (Data Working Group)

Dropped adrianlo a message where I explained some of the issues with his mapping and ask if he was associated with Facebook. I’ll keep you updated.

Some “added paved roads using DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery” edits have erroneously added paved=yes to the constituent nodes of the relevant ways. I haven’t removed them yet just in case a reversion is in order, but leaving a reminder here.

@Johnny Carlsen I guess you haven’t had a reply from adrianlo? There’s been no reply to the changeset discussion comments (either in Thailand or in Egypt ).

Hi Andy,

Sorry for not responding sooner, there have been no feedback from adrianlo.

I can see his contributions have been reverted already, which is great.

Facebook is trying to setup a meeting with me, I am not 100% sure of the topic, but hopefully we can improve things a bit.