Is amenity=waste_basket;recycling good for tagging combined garbage/recycling bins?

I’m sure that there are valid cases where one feature would need multiple amenity values.

there is also the possibility that for such features a new tag should be invented.

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TLDR amenity_1 is suggested because it used to be quite widely-used, not because of any adopted convention.

I have always considered these write only tags, are you aware of any data consumer who makes use of them?

Based on a quick search of publicly-available code repositories, it doesn’t look like anyone’s parsing the amenity_1 tag. Even though there’s any way to know for certain, you seem to be right in describing it as a “write-only tag”.


Pretty well 24 hours since I tried them & neither is rendering, so I’m guessing the amenity_1 is stopping it from doing so?

Have tried with plain bins to see what happens with them, so we’ll know for sure!

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It is rendering fine as a recycling container for me. Have you cleared your browser cache? (Ctrl+Shift+R)

Screenshot of osm-carto, showing a recycling icon highlighted in orange amongst other map features

Any number of times, but I’ve always just done ctrl+R? When I’ve just tried ctrl+shift+R, it’s updated! Guess I’ve been doing it wrong for quite a while! :crazy_face:

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Re-wording @dieterdreist (no offense meant, I hope none taken):

“iD: a newer tool that breaks some rules.” This rhymes (rather nicely) in English.

(Well, at least one rule, the “one element” rule)

I mean, it’s true. Even knowing that plenty of us don’t like this. Oh, well: things are as things are.

At least OSM is a largely polite anarchy, anyway. It’s a street-cred and respect-earned place. Lots of people stand rather tall from building OSM what it is. I’d like to say we bend rules before we break them.

Getting way, way off-topic.

Anyway, glad to see @Fizzie41 and @TwistedSnake pushing buttons and getting results. G’day.

Glad to hear it worked! I used to be in the exact same situation as you – only reloading with Ctrl+R and being frustrated by the sporadic updates – before I realised that shift was all I needed. The differences between browsers don’t help: in Chrome, you can usually get away with just Ctrl+R, but Firefox needs Shift+Ctrl+R or Shift+F5.

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I’d recommend Ctrl+F5 though for a forced cache refresh of the viewed area, on Windows ;o)

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Thanks, but using a laptop, so trying to F5 may update things, but it also turns the keyboard lighting on & off! :rofl:

At least one range of Dell laptops has/had that feature - by default you had to also press “fn” to get the relevant function key, unless you turned this “feature” off in the bios…

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edit: sloooow typing

Another option, for both Chromium-based browsers and Firefox, is the Shift + Reload button. This does a hard refresh and clears the cache on both. Or, as yet another option, the developer tools, where caching can be disabled altogether.

Hi, going back to the initial question and looking at the wiki page for amenity recycling (, I think that a valid option woul be to use
amenity=recycling + recycling_type=container (or maybe bin, depending on how big the container is) and specifying the type of waste using e.g. recycling:paper=yes + recycling:plastic=yes … and adding recycling:waste=yes.
The tag recycling:waste=yes might be not semantically perfect, given that the waste won’t be really recycled, but it is used around 25000 times (recycling:waste | Keys | OpenStreetMap Taginfo).
It is not a perfect solution for having your waste bin rendered, but another option conforming quite well with OSM standard tagging practice.

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