Ireland in sea?

Hallo, I’me trying to install the OSM generic routable new map of Ireland to Basecamp. How come whole of Ireland seems to lay in the sea?

If you cannot get any hints here, try the special Garmin subforum on this website.

Or see the OSM wiki about … and read read read.

Or try and search there for “garmin”.

Looks like a broken coastline. I dont see any coastline errors so maybe it is already repaired. Please try the next update and report the problem if it still exists.

Coastline was broken on July 15.

I fixed it in

Coastline checker doesn’t currently show any errors in Ireland:,coastline_error_lines,line_not_a_ring,line_overlap,line_invalid,line_direction,questionable,coastline_error_points,unconnected,intersections,not_a_ring,double_node,tagged_node