IPv6 on Tile Server (and other servers)


I’ve just stumpled across the server list at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Server and saw, that most of the servers (not these at UCL) have an external IPv6 Adress.
But for the tileservers they are not used: For example, for tile.openstreetmap.org I get a cname for tile.geo.openstreetmap.org which gets a cname de.tile.openstreetmap.org (at germnay) → cname on falkenstein.tile.openstreetmap.org, which finally resolves only in a A (IPv4) record.
tabaluga.openstreetmap.org (which is the server in question) resolves in both AAAA and A record.
The same goes for the other caching servers, which have a public IPv6 Adress.
So I guess, that is on purpose (But than, why?) or a missing configuration?


I don’t think the OSMF admins read this forum (much) so you’d better ask this question on the osm-dev mailinglist or on IRC: irc://irc.oftc.net/#osm-dev