iOS app to map Go Safe camera zones and speed limits

Hi all

I’ve written an app to allow users to log notes to OSM as to the location of speed limit signs and the locations of all the go safe camera signposts.

The app will be published to the App Store in the next few days at ( but in the meantime I’m looking for beta testers to sign up via test flight.

PM me your email and I’ll add you to the list. The beta app will only work on the service in case there are any issues so you will need to register an account there even if you already have an OSM account.

Feedback is welcomed and I hope we can use this app to generate all the data required for an upcoming speed trap app that I am also working on. It needs the community to help to map the zones thought as they are a moving target I believe. The full app will be free (as in completely) but I will allow you to purchase a badge of honour if you want to support the work on the iOS side.

Updates from OSM will be processed every day so the app will adapt to the changes as they are made.

Please sign up for the beta and get this collector app tested first.