Inviting the OSM Thailand community for a virtual meetup

Hope you are doing well.

Following from the thread:, I realized that since this was a sub-topic in the main thread not a lot of folks did not know about the session that was planned today.

As a next step, we would love to set up another session next week i.e. 3rd June, considering it’s a holiday, please do let us know if there’s a better date and time that you all prefer.

Link: Zoom Link
Date: 3rd June 2022
Time: 5 PM SGT - 5:30 PM SGT / 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM Thailand time

Agenda: We can use the initial few minutes to discuss more about the mapping projects in Thailand, understand the new data contribution policy guidelines as well as we’d really like to hear the feedback on ways we can work better together.

Let us know if you all have another date and time in mind. Looking forward to virtually meeting you all!

Happy Mapping,
Jinal Foflia

I could attend at the specified hours.

See you there

Thank you, Mishari and Nitinat for joining us. It was great to share and have a conversation about the things that are moving. We have recorded the session for anyone else who is interested in hearing it. I will soon be sharing the recording, we are working on seeing the best way to share the recording with the community.

Here’s the summary of the conversation:

  • It started with a quick introduction of all the participants
  • Grab shared about the work and different workflows that we are following
  • We had some conversations around the same
  • One thing that came up was a classification-related conversation, where we all agreed that we need to have stronger documentation that is Thailand-specific around road classification, where Nitinat has already done some amazing work, and as a next step, we (Grab) can also help by sharing our learnings and findings from rest of SEA.
  • We would love to be able to share and collaborate with the community in ways we can

Another request: A couple of us are visiting Bangkok next week and have set up a meet-up with the community folks on Monday evening at 5:30 PM, we would love to invite all the community members in Bangkok to come down and have some mappy conversations! :slight_smile:

Location: Starbucks at Rasa Two Building Phetchaburi (OSM)
Time: 5:30 - 6:30 PM
Date: 20th June 2022
Looking forward to seeing you all!

@jinalfoflia Thank you for the update.

I also applaud efforts from @nitinatsangsit in improving and maintaining highway classifications.

Did you by any chance discuss yet a scope of rules for you to continue working effectively with the local OSM community?

I see you still doing minor improvements mostly around Bangkok, and while I was puzzled to see no import=grabremote tag as previously agreed, you have definitely listened to the concerns of the community, and this is encouraging:

  • use of local mappers and GRABTH_ username prefix
  • limited number of mappers
  • additions restricted to small missing residential areas
  • some post-cleanup of unexisting roads
  • no change to existing road classifications

Hello cmoffroad,

Second that, @nitinatsangsit’s work around highways is awesome!

Yes, the only reason we are not using import=grabremote is that these are edits by our Thailand local operations team. They are verifying this on-ground and adding/modifying this information. We thought that only our remote team needs to use this tag as they are mapping remotely.

Unfortunately, we only briefly spoke about this as there were a lot of new folks and everyone had something that they wanted to discuss. Our team will be coming down sometime in August, we are planning a mapping party in Chiang Mai, hopefully, we can discuss more about this and also meet a lot more community members in person. We are working on the dates and event planning, we will share more details as soon as we have it ready from our side. Thank you!

Hi Jinal, are you still planning a visit to Chiang Mai this month?
Now that I got some valuable feedback from Steve, would love to meet up and discuss how we could prevent issues from the past and move forward with some new ideas.