Invisible names

Apologies from a newcomer if the answer to this question is obvious.

I’m shortly to visit Venice and thought I’d add some “street” names to the map while I’m there. But I can’t find a way of making a map to take with me that shows all the names that are already in the data - even at the highest zoom level some named highway-footpaths don’t show names on the map.

What’s the best thing to do, so as not to waste time redoing work already done - and since in a place like Venice footway names are really useful, how do users get the names to show?


Have you considered using Walking Papers?
I had a quick look at Venice and it appears that the problem with the names not showing even at the highest zoom may still be an problem for you though.

Good luck though, a quick look over the data in Venice shows that few of the paths have been named.

Edit: Actually, it appears that walking papers may not render the names of paths.

Many thanks for the suggestion - I had tried Walking Papers, and, like you, found that it didn’t solve the problem.

I agree that there are many unnamed paths, so maybe I should just make a note with geotagged photos of street signs for for apparently unnamed paths and see which need adding to the data. Not sure how useful it will be if the map won’t show the data!

It seems like you need something like the nonames layer, which highlights in red the streets which are missing names. Unfortunately I don’t think it includes paths etc.

You could make a custom nonames layer using Kosmos or similar, which also highlighted unnamed paths.

Well, OSM isn’t just about maps of course. It’s a general purpose open geo-database. So it’s well worth gathering that data.

That’s an excellent suggestion. Nice one. :slight_smile:

Hi all

Two solutions found, with many thanks to your suggestions:

First, used Kosmos, but used visible_name in the rendering and a narrow font - that produced a map with the ‘street names’ visible.

Second, made .img file for my Etrex, once again using visible-name, and this also shows which paths are named.

Thanks for your help. I can now fill in some of the gaps when I’m at the location.