Invisible changeset II

Yesterday I changed the order of members in a relation but the change set does not appear. It was the only change that I made. Does anyone know the reason for this?

The change was made at this location in route 50-60.

Hi, This is the list of all your changesets:-
There is a changeset for that route, is that what you’re looking for?

The change set does not show on the map with a bound box because, wild guess, there were no nodes/ways changed, added, deleted, just the relation.

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I think the problem that @goedegazelle sees is the problem I am also seeing, that is that currently you can not review the details of a changeset for example via achavi, for example this changeset give for me currently a black screen.

Also clicking on the two links Changeset-XML and osmChange-XML in the web interface for a node/way/relation does not give the correct information I think so it looks to me like a OSM-API problem.

Very strange as of this time stamp 08:45AM 20.7.2023 when parsing through my change sets those till 20 hours ago show a BBox, then 2 at 18-19 hours ago show objects but no BBox not even the small you see on a 1 node edit, then those after from 14 hours ago till just now show a BBox again.

That does indeed show my own change sets, but I would also like to see the change sets of other mappers on the map, which I check regularly. It seems that changes can be made without any indication on the map.

How about, log in with your osm-account to see details

Yes, something weird is going on, for that link that I posted earlier:

Would be good to create an issue at for that.

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