Introducing myself... and a newbie question

Hi everybody!

My name is Axel and Im from Stockholm, Sweden. I just found out about this great mapping effort and thought I would give it a try. Im a total newbie when it comes to mapping when it comes to using GPS, GIS, understanding projections and stuff like that, but I did some mapping non the less. I have been working with an area in Thailand called Khao Lak since the tsunami december 26th 2004. (Please check it out here This map was traced from a 1 meter satellite picture.

My next project is making an map over the whole province Phang Nga (where Khao Lak is the major tourist hub). OSM seem to be the right tool for this mapping project…

…which brings me to my first questions:

  • Do anyone know if there is any high resolution coast line data out there thats better then the existing OSM data that I can use for this part of Asia? Ive tried to download the CIA data, but cant get it to work. OSM does not seem to accept the files???

  • When tracing Landsat pics, I understand that people are using the Lakewalker plug. Is it bugged or just me not understanding how it works? How is it supposed to work??? Is it better then manual tracing anyways?

  • Is it possible to download the maps I am making into something that Adobe Illustrator can understand?

Got lots of more questions… back to reading the wiki… :slight_smile:

Hejsan Axel, nice to see a fellow Swede here. And your map looks awesome, good work. A warning, the wiki is full of half true facts so don’t read too much, the project moves so fast that info gets outdated very fast.

About Coastline data, I would recommend having a look at Potential Datasource you can find a lot of good data there.

There are a lot of sources of coastline data, SRTM gives a DEM (Digital elevation model) of the whole world, and then there are many vector dataset based on the freely available Landsat satellite images, e.g. PGS, EGS

So yes you can probably find better datasets for coastlines, but as you say converting them to openstreetmap is a problem.

Working with Illustrator, I would recommend you to go to the talk mailing List and ask that, Richard Fairhurst is the most likely to know something about it. And please try to investigate this some because I would be very interested in doing Illustrator exports of Stockholm as well.

But everything is extremely rough at the moment, printing openstreetmap maps is a very manual an tedious process. The best way I know of is using SVG


Thanks for the headsup regarding the wiki. Good to know the project is moving along at a fast pace!

I’ll keep up exploring the “Potential Datasource” page. If anyone who know about this want to upload some high rez coast line for Thailand, I will buy him/her a beer! Maybe I startup a Thailand project too attract some help on the area. :slight_smile:

Ill keep you posted on the Illustrator import issue when I get there!

How do you export to SVG?

I don’t see why there isn’t an OSM to SVG converter webservice, it’s what osmarender does… To get a nice looking map in the zoom level you want you will need to do some more reading than this:

On MacOSX you should be able to do this in the terminal:

## Download osmarender
curl -O
curl -O

## Download OSM data
curl,59.3,18.0,59.31 >sthm-map.osm
ln -s sthm-map.osm data.osm

## Render to SVG
xsltproc --path . --path ./symbols osm-map-features-z17.xml > map.svg